Preliminary Round

1. J. S. Bach, arr. M. Linke: Fugue from Prelude and Fugue No. 21 in B-flat major, BWV 866
Ed. Grell Verlag Hans Kröll

2. A. Mitushin: Concertino for Horn Quartet
Ed. Southern Music

3. G. Rossini, arr. E. Leloir: Le Rendez-vous de la chasse (en Mi bémol)
Ed. N. Simrock

Round 1

1. C. Homilius: Horn Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 38
Ed. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag

2. N. Šenk: Comissioned composition (10min)
Contact: senk.nina@gmail.com

3. M. Tippett: Sonata for Four Horns
Ed. Schott Music

4. One piece of free choice (5-6min)

Round 2

1. K. Turner: Quartet No. 1, for Four Horns
Ed. Phoenix Music Publications

2. L. Krajnčan: Quartet for Friends
Ed. Marc Reift

3. W. Pirchner: Born for Horn, for Horn Quartet PWV 36
Ed. Doubliger

4. One piece of free choice (10min)

*The jury has the right to interrupt the ensemble at any time during their performance.