Preliminary Round

1. J. S. Bach, arr. M. Forbes: Chaconne from Partita in D Minor


A. Vivaldi / J. S. Bach, prir. M. Forbes: Concerto

2. S. Bulla: Celestial Suite, 2nd Quartet for Low Brass
Winwood music  GN174245

Round 1

1. N. Šenk: Comissioned composition

2. M. Forbes: Concerto for Tuba-Euphonium Quartet


J. Koetsier: Wolkenschatten, Op. 136, for Tuba Quartet
Edition Marc Reift EMR 479


J. Duda: Tuba Quartet

The ensemble can perform pieces by composers M. Forbes and J. Koetsier (total 20 min) or only J. Duda’s composition (20 min).

Round 2

1. E. Crausaz: Old Legend for Tuba Quartet
Woodbrass Music

2. E. Crespo: Three Milongas for Four Tubas
Lydke Musikverlag  GN351093

3. Y. Jan Trede: Tuba Quartet
Edition Svitzer

4. One or more pieces of free choice (10-15min)

*The jury has the right to interrupt the ensemble at any time during their performance.