The applications will open on 15 March 2024. The deadline to complete the whole application is Midnight, 15 September 2024 (Central European Time). The results of the Preliminary Round will be published on the competition website no later than 21 October 2024

Applications need to include:  

  • A link to a 15-20–MINUTE VIDEO RECORDING of the Ensemble’s performance. The applying Ensemble needs to upload the video recording to their YouTube channel and make an unlisted video (only accessible by those who have the link to the video). The video must be recorded with high audio quality, fixed filming angle, visible hands, and face. The program used for the video recording can eventually be included in the following rounds of Competition. The video recordings should not be older than six months. 
  • Birth certificates or equivalent PROOFS OF AGE of all members of the Ensemble proving their joint average age does not exceed 30 years. 
  • Three current PHOTOGRAPHS of the Ensemble to be used in Competition publications (electronic version 300–1200 dpi; accepted formats – jpg, gif, bmp, jpeg). 
  • An up-to-date BIOGRAPHY of the Ensemble in English, to a maximum of 250 words. 
  • Name of the MENTOR or LEADER of the group and their contact e-mail and telephone number. 
  • The COMPLETE LIST OF THE REPERTOIRE performed in the Preliminary Round (video selection), and Rounds 1 and 2 of Competition with accurate timings for each piece. 
  • PROOF OF PAYMENT of the non-refundable application fee of 200 EUR for quartets and 250 for quintets into Organiser’s bank account. If the application fee is not paid, the application will not be reviewed by the Preliminary Jury.