Master Plečnik receives the Slovenia Unique Experiences sign

07. 10. 2022

The Master Plečnik Experience is dedicated to Slovenia’s most important architect, and takes visitors on a journey – all the way from his famous architectural creations such as the Three Bridges, marketplace, and National and University Library, to less well-known, hidden locations, including our Infernal Courtyard at the Križanke complex.

The Master Plečnik Experience received the Slovenia Unique Experiences sign, which the Slovenian Tourist Board awards to five-star experiences. These are high-quality, authentic experiences with a local flavour, very refined approach and delivery, and a strong experiential and personal character. The members of the Slovenian Tourist Board expert commission described the experience of Plečnik’s Ljubljana as unique. As the assessors noted, “the Master Plečnik product can help popularise and make people know more about Slovenia’s greatest architect. The experience helps visitors better understand Plečnik’s symbolic timelessness in architecture, as well as the human duality he continues to inspire in people”.

You can join the Master Plečnik Experience every Thursday, starting at 1 pm at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) in Ljubljana.