Pavel Mihelčič, author of the project
9. July 2019
National Gallery
14 €

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Pavel Mihelčič, author of the project

Simon Krečič, artistic director

Nataša Barbara Gračner, actress

Urška Križnik Zupan, harp

Matej Zupan, flute

Alenka Bogataj, Anja Brglez Ovnik, Doroteja Feguš, Klavdija Feguš, Laura Felicijan, Pija Hočevar, Vanja Ivanković, Špela Lampret, Tanja Repe Horvat, Marta Sesar, Jasmina Šubic, Anamarija Tomac Krečič, Matej Zupan, flutes

Vortices is the musical project of composer Pavel Mihelčič, whose oeuvre covers orchestral, theatrical, vocal-instrumental, choral and chamber music and works for soloists. He is a regular guest at Ljubljana Festival, where he has appeared as composer and performer in a range of projects and concert evenings. Vortices follows the journey of a group of instruments, while at its core is the range of the flute, one of the oldest wind instruments. The eight original pieces are written for various combinations of harp and flute (played by soloists Urška Križnik Zupan and Matej Zupan) with flute orchestra, and are interwoven with spoken poetic interludes. The artistic direction of the project is entrusted to the artistic director of the Opera and Ballet of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Simon Krečič, while the evening will be linked together by the actress Nataša Barbara Gračner, a permanent member of the Slovene National Theatre Ljubljana’s Drama company, reading texts by Mihelčič.


Night Pictures for harp

Clouds for alto flute and harp

First Circle for five flutes and harp

Circles into Infinity for flute and harp

Second Circle for seven flutes

Shadow Plays and Reflections for 13 flutes

Third Circle for soloist and 12 flutes

Circling with Vortices for flute orchestra and harp

Important information

General Terms and Conditions