VLADO KRESLIN with guests

25 years in Križanke

26. August 2016
29 € (on the concert date 35 €)

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Slovenian Army Big Band

This year Vlado Kreslin celebrates twenty-five years of concerts at the Ljubljana Festival. His first appearance on the Festival’s Summer Stage, in the Križanke complex, was with the musicians of the legendary Beltinška Banda, a folk group from Beltinci in Slovenia’s north-eastern Prekmurje region, in 1991. Since then he has performed in this venue with various bands featuring a wide range of musicians and numerous guests from Slovenia and abroad. On 26 August he will take the stage with his longrunning rock band Mali Bogovi, the veteran folk group Beltinška Banda (featuring his 88-year-old father, Milan) and special guests – the Slovenian Army Big Band conducted by Rudi Gas.


April snowfall damaged the canvas roof of the Križanke summer theatre. Events will continue to be held there, but the seating in the venue will remain temporarily exposed to the elements.



Important information

General Terms and Conditions