Slovenian Chamber Choir

12. March 2013
Cankarjeva dvorana
Free entrance

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Note: This information pertains to a past event. For the most up-to-date information, please check our calendar.

Conductor: Martina Batič


Jakob Jež: Expectation

Ambrož Čopi: Angels*

Tomaž Habe: Something is in the Air*

Črt Sojar Voglar: Bright Song*

Vitja Avsec: Slowdown*

Marijan Lipovšek: Is it…?

Marijan Lipovšek: Pan

Marijan Lipovšek: Annunciation


Katarina Pustinek Rakar: A Poem on a Poem*

Andrej Misson: Poem of the Four*

Nana Forte: Canon*

Peter Šavli: Toast*

Matija Tomc: Village Chatterboxes

Rado Simoniti: Simple Words

* first performance

The 28th Slovenian Music Days will open with a concert, dedicated to the Slovenian poets, friends and authors of the choicest poetry, who joined their forces and published a joint collection, entitled as Poems of the Four, when they were still young artists, back in 1953. Eight composers decided to write their novelties on the lyrics by Pavček, Kovič, Zlobec and Menart. In order to pay tribute to all those, who were already inspired by the mentioned poets and their verses in the past, the programme will also feature the poems set to music by Marijan Lipovšek, Jakob Jež, Rado Simoniti and Matija Tomc. We are thus to experience a fete of choral singing, which will be certainly guaranteed by the Slovenian Chamber Choir and its Leader Martina Batič.

Important information

General Terms and Conditions