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The Master and Margarita, musical

Theatre LDM. Novaya Scena from St Petersburg

23. August 2019
39 € 29 €

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Tonight in Križanke at 8.30 pm!

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– The musical is based on the same-name mystical novel by M.A. Bulgakov
– Six librettists worked on this project: Irina Afanasyeva, Maria Oshmyanskaya, Sergei Shilovsky-Bulgakov (Mikhail Bulgakov’s grandson), Andrei Pastushenko, Igor Shevchuk and Chris Hancock
– Libretto was created with the newest ‘situational scenario’ technology, which is the combination of conditions and circumstances that involve the audience into the act
– Famous English designers created 666 costumes for The Master and Margarita
– 66 stage decorations are alternated throughout the play

The Russian novel The Master and Margarita is considered a masterpiece of twentieth-century literature. Author Mikhail Bulgakov began writing it in 1928 but did not live to see its publication. A refined critique of contemporary life and society, the book was censored by the Soviet regime and was not published until 1966. The work is extremely witty and obscene, but at the same time pervaded by philosophical thought that places fundamental and eternal questions of good and evil in the foreground. The novel has now been transformed into a musical, the work of leading Russian artists who have created an unforgettable interactive spectacle. St Petersburg’s LDM Novaya Scena theatre has joined forces with 6 composers, 6 librettists and 66 artists to create a blend of fantasy and reality that will captivate audiences with the help of 666 costumes and 66 scene changes.

*Musical will be in russian with slovenian and english subtitles.

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