MOJMIR SEPE – 90 years

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and Big Band 
Patrik Greblo, conductor

HIGHLIGHTS of 68th Ljubljana Festival
8. July 2020
9.00 pm
Congress Square
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The alternative date in case of bad weather is 9th of July. The definitive date will be decided on the day of the event and announced online at

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RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and Big Band 
Patrik Greblo, conductor
Eva Hren, voice
Nina Strnad, voice
Klemen Golner, piano
Tomaž Gajšt, flugelhorn

Frnikole za Franeta (M.  Sepe / F.  Milčinski Ježek  / M.  Sepe)
Začnimo z bluesom (M. Sepe)
Pogled z gradu (M. Sepe)Klemen Golner, piano
Med iskrenimi ljudmi (M. Sepe / D. Velkaverh / M. Sepe)Nina Strnad, voice
Rdeča žoga (M. Sepe / A. Skale / M. Sepe), Nina Strnad, voice
Utrinek (M. Sepe / G. Strniša / M. Sepe), Nina Strnad, voice
Janžev vrh (M. Sepe)
Nekoga moraš imeti rad (M. Sepe / I. Minatti / M. Sepe), Tomaž Gajšt, flugelhorn
Brez besed (M. Sepe / E. Budau / M. Sepe), Eva Hren, voice
S teboj (M. Sepe / E. Budau / M. Sepe), Eva Hren, voice
Nekoč bo (M. Sepe / Ž. Petan / M. Sepe), Eva Hren, voice
Medved Bojan (M. Sepe)
Uspavanka za Lano (M. Sepe)
Poletna noč (M. Sepe / E. Budau / M. Sepe), Nina Strnad, voice
Ko gre tvoja pot od tod (M . Sepe / F. Milčinski Ježek / M. Sepe); Nina Strnad, voice
Črni klavir (M . Sepe / G . Strniša / M . Sepe), Nina Strnad, voice
Ljubljanske razglednice (B. Adamič – M. Sepe – J. Robežnik – A. Soss / M. Sepe)
Vzameš me v roke (M. Sepe / M. Košuta / M. Sepe), Eva Hren, voice
Jesenska (M. Sepe / E. Budau / M. Sepe), Eva Hren, voice
Tiho melje mlin spomina (M. Sepe), Klemen Golner, piano
Zemlja pleše (M. Sepe / G. Strniša / M. Sepe), Eva Hren, voice

The RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra marks an important milestone in the life of one of the most important composers of Slovene popular music, Mojmir Sepe. The programme will focus on his symphonic and big band compositions (including View from the Castle, Summer Nocturne and Postcards from Ljubljana) and will also include selections from his film music and some of his best-known songs. Mojmir Sepe has earned himself a permanent place in the musical history of Slovenia with eternally beautiful compositions that still have the power to touch us deeply today. For example the moving songs he created with his wife Majda Sepe, one of Slovenia’s greatest singers of popular song, or the humorously entertaining fruits of his collaboration with Frane Milčinski, aka Ježek, to mention but two of the many singers with whom Mojmir Sepe worked closely. A trained trumpeter, he played in the Radio Ljubljana Dance Orchestra from 1949 until 1970. During this period he also founded the Mojmir Sepe Ensemble and recorded one of the first jazz albums in what was then Yugoslavia. He later became a programme editor for popular music at Radio Ljubljana and was also active as a composer. In the 1960s and 1970s he was a regular presence at the Slovene Song Festival as a conductor and songwriter. Mojmir Sepe may legitimately be called the father of Slovene popular song and chanson.

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General Terms and Conditions