Mikis Theodorakis: ZORBA THE GREEK, ballet

Drama ballet based on the novel The Life and Times of Alexis Zorba by Nikos Kazantzakis

LORCA MASSINE, choreographer

SNG Maribor Ballet

27. June 2024
9.00 pm
39 €, 49 €, 59 €

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Elisa Arnone, Alenka Ribič, Anton Bogov, assistant choreographers
Matjaž Marin, Iztok Smeh, stage managers

SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra

SNG Maribor Opera Choir

Zorba: Sergiu Moga, Davide Buffone
John: Yuya Omaki, Ionut Dinita
Marina: Tijuana Križman Hudernik, Catarina de Meneses, Asami Nakashima
Madame Hortense: Marina Krasnova, Evgenia Koshkina, Branka Popovici
Yorgos: Davide Buffone, Matteo Magalotti, Tomaž Golub
Turkish women: Branka Popovici, Evgenia Koshkina, Monja Obrul, Tea Bajc, Mina Radović, Beatrice Bartolomei, Nuša Urnaut, Ines Petek, Mirjana Šrot
Women: Branka Popovici, Evgenia Koshkina, Monja Obrul, Tea Bajc, Mina Radaković, Beatrice Bartolomei, Nuša Urnaut, Ema Perič, Mirjana Šrot, Metka Masten, Olesja Hartmann Marin, Hristina Stojčeva, Ines Uroševič, Satomi Netsu, Ines Petek, Lana Druškovič, Adriana Cioata, Mihaela Matis, Klavdija Stanišić
Men: Sytze Jan Luske, Matteo Magalotti, Tomaž Viktor Abram Golub, Lucio Mautone, Christopher Thompson, Maro Vranarič, Aleksandar Trenevski, Alexandru Pilca, Mircea Golescu, Vasily Kuzkin, Vadim Kurgaev

Zorba the Greek  is an international hit ballet that continues to delight audiences of all generations, above all for the passion of its lead characters, John and Zorba, and the ballet ensemble who bring the story to life. In terms of style, the work follows the logic of classical narrative ballet, taking its inspiration from the clear structure of Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel, while also drawing on the captivating rhythmic-melodic idiom of Greek music, as composed by Mikis Theodorakis. The latter is credited with popularising the supposedly authentic sirtaki dance, characterised by long, slow pulling moves and chain dancing. The new choreography by the renowned choreographer Lorca Massine, son of the legendary choreographer and ballet dancer Léonide Massine, was created for the new generation of the SNG Maribor Ballet ensemble, which is keen to enhance the production aesthetically and use all available means to do so. With its spiritual connection to Kazantzakis, the contemplative music of Theodorakis and the virtuoso expressiveness of Massino’s choreography, the ballet awakens not only a fascination with the picaresque beauty of Crete, but also a reflection on the meaning of life.

  • the name Zorba derives from the Greek word Ζορμπάς  (Zorbas), a man’s name that means “live each day with passion”
  • Zorba’s dance (the sirtaki)  became world-famous after it featured in the 1964 film Zorba the Greek,  although its origins date back to Plato’s time, approximately 400 BC
  • the screenplay for the film was written by Michael Cacoyannis, the recipient of five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay nods for Zorba the Greek
  • the ballet adaptation of Zorba the Greek,  in two acts and 22 scenes, received its world premiere at the Verona Arena on 6 August 1988. It has since been performed in more than 35 countries and seen by a total audience of more than three million
  • Lorca Massine has choreographed more than 50 ballets and musical works and is also known for bringing works choreographed by his father to the contemporary stage; in 2005 three ballets by Léonide Massine became part of the repertoire of the Bolshoi Ballet

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