LOLITA, musical

LDM Novaya Stsena
Dancers of the Jagger Professional Dance School

22. December 2020
7.30 pm
Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (Gospodarsko razstavišče)
49€, 35€, 29€, 19€

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Note: This information pertains to a past event. For the most up-to-date information, please check our calendar.

please note that as a result of measures adopted by the government of the Republic of Slovenia, we have been compelled to cancel the performances of the musical Lolita by LDM Novaya Scena, scheduled to take place on 22 and 23 December at the GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. In compliance with the Ordinance on the temporary partial restriction of movement and the restriction of public gatherings in order to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections (UL RS 186/2020), all events have been temporarily prohibited. All those holding tickets for the musical Lolita are therefore entitled to a refund. You will find all information regarding refunds in the “Information and Refunds” section of the Festival Ljubljana website.

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  • russian musical in the performance of LDM Novaya Stsena Theatre from St. Peterburg
  • excellent performance with perfect costumography and scene
  • video-projections in 3D, which give visitors the impression of cinematic visual dimensions with live performers
  • a complex production that combines the tradition of Russian theater with Broadway standards
  • one of the most thrilling stories of the 20th Century

Author and producer:  Irina Afanasjeva
Music, arrangements and sound: Anton Tanonov
Director: Irina Zjuzina
Choreographic concept: Anastasia Melnikova
Choreographer: Svjatoskav Meljnikov
Set design and costume design: Irina Afanasjeva
Set design:: Sofia Tjuremnova

Lolita: Evdokija Malevskaja
Oswald Rayner (Humbert): George Novitski
Lolita’s mother Ann: Natalia Faerman
The soul of Lolita: Darja Česnokova
Gregory: Vsevolod Makarov
Young Gregory: Anton Avdejev
Madam Ju-Ju: Margarita Kolganova
Felix: Vasilij Turkin
Demon: Sergej Hudjakov

Ballet dancers: Evgenij Česnokov, Sofija Roždestvenskaja, Ariana Kabanova

Dancing Troupe of the Jagger Professional Dance School

St Petersburg’s LDM Novaya Scena theatre company returns to Slovenia for this year’s Ljubljana Festival. Following its stunning Ljubljana debut last summer with a spectacular The Master and Margarita and an unconventional Eugene Onegin, the company returns with a brilliant masterpiece of sensuality, fateful love and eroticism. The musical Lolita has little in common with Vladimir Nabokov’s novel – the dark story of a perverse and tragic romance that can hardly be called a romance. All they have in common is the darkness and horror into which a destructive love can lead us. Lolita is the creation of an international co-production team with singing stars from Russian musical theatre and a magnificent corps de ballet, featuring stunning choreography, dazzling costumes and an innovative interactive backdrop with special visual effects. Lolita also portrays the last few sunny days of the golden age of Russia before the fall into the abyss in the bloody year of 1916. Lolita herself is a symbol of purity, a forbidden fruit, a promised paradise with a vault of hellfire rising above it. Love has always been dictated by woman, be she an innocent nymphet, still a child, or a devil’s daughter who awakens the beast in us. Lolita is the frightening love that leads to death; she is Eros-Thanatos.

The musical is performed partly in English.

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Important information

General Terms and Conditions