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Gaja’s World 2

Romantic family comedy

30. August 2022
8.30 pm
14 €, 9 €

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Director: Peter Bratuša

Screenwriters: Peter Bratuša, Špela Levičnik Oblak
Photography director: Dominik Istenič
Composer: Sebastijan Duh
Set designer: Miha Ferkov
Costume designer: Vesna Črnelič
Mask designer: Nataša Sevčnikar
Editor: Jan Lovše
Sound designer: Borut Berden
Producer: Jaka Pokorn

Gaja: Uma Štader
Gaja’s father: Sebastian Cavazza
Matic: Enej Černe Berčič
Tea: Neža Smolinsky
Alex: Jurij Zrnec
Vivian / Bibi: Katarina Čas
Ema: Ajda Smrekar
Inspector Hace: Lotos Vincenc Šparovec
Gianni: Bojan Emeršič
Gregor: Primož Pirnat
Gaja’s mother: Jana Zupančič

Fourteen-year-old Gaja, who comes from a broken family, has to deal with envious classmates, suffers a hacked social network account and learns the meaning of true friendship. Although the school year has finished and she is driving with her father and her teenage sister Tea to a campsite on the coast, her holiday has not yet begun. With the help of her friend Matic and the police inspector she saves the owner of a bar from extortionists, brings her family back together and thanks to her friends, mother and saxophone teacher Ema also succeeds in pleasing her father.
The romantic family comedy Gaja’s World 2 is a sequel to the hit film from 2018 (Gaja’s World), but the story is independent of the first one. It thus will be of interest to both those who have seen the first film, as well as those who will encounter Gaja and her world for the first time.

Important information

General Terms and Conditions