ATERBALLETTO – Fondazione Nazionale della Danza

Jiři Kylián and Diego Tortelli, choreographers
BACH PROJECT - Ballet Diptych

16. July 2019
Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana
29 € 25 €

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  • the leading dance company in Italy
  • 1st permanent ballet producing organization apart from opera house companies
  • the company collaborates with the most important choreographers
  • Two choreographies will be presented in Ljubljana: Sarabanda byJiři Kylián and Domus Aurea by Diego Tortelli
  • project combines classical music with contemporary dance re-creation
  • oneiric in its creation of certain images
  • architectural, for the fact it presents a geometric structure in the group composition
  • minimalistic in the choice of general aesthetics
  • extreme beauty, which touches your heart

Jiři Kylián, choreographer
Domus Aurea
Diego Tortelli, choreographer

Ljubljana is proud to welcome the Italian dance company Aterballetto, founded in 1977 and with an international reputation for remarkable artistic quality. The company will perform two pieces under the common name Bach Project. The common thread of the project is the music of J. S. Bach, to the accompaniment of which the dancers explore the relationship between dance and music, or between classical composition and its modern transformation. The first work, Sarabande, created in 1990, was conceived by Jiří Kylián as “a venture by means of choreography” – like a black-and-white sketch to be completed and coloured in the mind and fantasy of the observer. And, although their starting point is of a clearly intellectual nature, the result itself is determined by emotional energies. Bach’s music, with its perfect structure and divine vision, is not interpreted – does not need any interpretation. As for this ballet, the contrast between music and dancing/sounds is like a sensory playground for human relations and instincts. The second piece, entitled Domus Aurea, is the work of the young choreographer Diego Tortelli, who is joined in his quest for perfection by the visual artist Massimo Uberti, who uses the lines of neon lights to create a home for the dancers



Important information

General Terms and Conditions