Dedicated to the Slovene Octet

Jubilee 70 years of the Slovene Octet and Ljubljana Festival

16. November 2022
7.30 pm
Knights' Hall Križanke
19 €

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Note: This information pertains to a past event. For the most up-to-date information, please check our calendar.

We would like to inform all visitors that the concert of the Slovene Octet, which will take place on 16 November at 7.30 pm, has been moved to Križanke Knights’ Hall. Due to the change of location, it is necessary to exchange tickets, which can be done from 10 November at Križanke box office every weekday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Thank you for your understanding.

Slovene Octet:
Jože Vidic, artistic director

Andrej Oder, Rok Ferenčak, first tenor
David Jagodic, Janez Triler, second tenor
Jože Vidic, Darko Vidic, baritone
Janko Volčanšek, Matej Voje, bass

Urška Vidic, piano

I. Florjanc, I. Florjanc: Življenje je eno
D. Božič, N. Maurer: Balada kot šanson
Ž. Stanič, Ž. Stanič:
A. Makor, O. Župančič: Sprehod ob Krki
T. Habe, I. Cankar: Vso svojo ljubezen
H. Vidic Lesjak, M. Baukircher: Ko boš prišla
A. Misson, F. Lainšček: Samo ge te odin čakat
Ljudska iz Blač v Ziljski dolini, L. Lebič: Kako kratek je ta čas
Belokranjska ljudska, P. Mihelčič: Venci veli
R. Simoniti, L. Zorzut: Buskelce
P. Šivic, M. Mahnič: Zv’ žavostna
Ana pesemca s paše
J. Jež, J. Vodovnik: Idile Jurija Vodovnika
Moj ljubi rajni oče
Tri leta so me zibali
Hišo mam na solčnem kraj
Eno pesem peti

The Slovene Octet is considered to be the most representative Slovenian male vocal chamber ensemble. In the course of its seventy years, it has performed on almost all major Slovenian and international concert stages, including Ljubljana Festival on several occasions. The ensemble unites artistic affinity and the work of numerous individuals who have through the years also helped create an example for others, while the concert will honour 70 years of singing by past generations. The programme will feature songs that have been either adapted or specially written for the ensemble. They have been specially prepared and dedicated to the octet by composers who have left an important mark on Slovenian music in the 20th century. The octet sings both folk and classical Slovenian songs with special fervour on numerous stages in Slovenia and around the world. The octet’s repertoire is extremely broad and diverse as it includes works from the Renaissance to folk songs of many different nations, and from classicism and romanticism to contemporary works, many of which were written or adapted especially for it.

Important information

General Terms and Conditions