Closing Concert of the Slovenian Music Days

15. March 2013
Cankarjeva dvorana
Free entrance

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Note: This information pertains to a past event. For the most up-to-date information, please check our calendar.

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Simon Dvoršak
Andreja Zakonjšek Krt, soprano
Irma Mihelič, soprano
Tim Ribič, tenor
Žiga Kasagić, tenor


Miroslav Vilhar: Ivanka of the Jama Castle
Love Song, Miroslav’s aria
Benjamin Ipavec: Birdcage
Blaž’s Song
Oh, Ljuboslava, the duet of Blaž and Ljuboslava
Viktor Parma: Amazones
Hrabroslav Otmar Vogrič: Power of a Uniform
Well! That’s the Way I am, Liza’s aria
It is Still a Beautiful World, the duet of Liza and Milek
Chonchon; Mather’s Blessing
»My Dear, Native Soil«, the trio of Marija, Chochon and Pierrot
Radovan Gobec: Hop Princess
A Song About a Kiss, the duet of Darinka and Branko
Hop Princess, duet

Janko Gregorc: Erika
If Only I Could Have it All, duet
Matija Bravničar: And Still the Ljubljanica Stands
English Waltz
Marjan Kozina: Majda
You are my Diamond, the duet of Špelca and Žan
Radovan Gobec: The Mountain Flower
You are my Flower, the duet of Katja and Dobrovik
I am Standing Under her Window – first act finale
Pavel Rasberger: Engagement on the Adriatic
On the Blue Adriatic, Ivan’s aria
The Quartet of Jasna, Zlata, Ivan and Dušan – first act finale
Janko Gregorc: Melodies of the Heart
Melodies of the Heart, Silva’s aria
This World was Created a Long Time Ago, Marjan’s aria

»The Most Beautiful, Fabulous Melody« – Finaletto III

The musical answer to the title of this year’s Symposium will sound quite interesting on the festival’s last evening. We will have an opportunity to get to know the Slovenian composers, whose works are hardly ever performed today. Since they were very popular in their time, they have certainly – and each in their own way – marked the Slovenian music history. Benjamin Ipavec, Miroslav Vilhar, Viktor Parma, Hrabroslav Otmar Vogrič as well as the younger composers Radovan Gobec, Matija Bravničar and Janko Gregorc wrote some significant works with easier contents, designed for the operetta stage, which combined all the characteristics and peculiarities of the operatic art. If operettas were not eagerly performed after the Second World War, they are today, especially in some environments, returning to the stages and interestingly enough, received among the audience with both interest and pleasure.

We offer a 20 % discount to pupils, students and pensioners as well as to the groups of thirty people and more upon submission of the evidence of identity at the Križanke Box Office.

Important information

General Terms and Conditions