Alpska saga

Musical with the music of the group Agropop

1. October 2017
Kulturni dom Mengeš
28, 25€

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Note: This information pertains to a past event. For the most up-to-date information, please check our calendar.
We announce to all the holders of tickets for musical Alpska saga (1st of September) that two alternative terms are available: 14.9. at 8.00 pm and 1.10. at 7.00 pm – both performances will be staged at KD Mengeš. Tickets can be exchanged at the Križanke box office, Hala Tivoli box office (at the swimming pools), at the Kino Šiška box office and Špas Theater box office in KD Mengeš, no later than Friday 8.9. 2017 (tickets can be exchanged at these points only). WARNING: – If tickets are not available in your price range (28 €) in the desired time, you can change the tickets for another(€ 25) without refunding the difference in price. – If the terms or conditions offered do not correspond to you, we kindly ask you to return your tickets where you bought them no later than 8. 9. 2017   and you will get a refund. – For all the information, we are available on the phone: 041 33 33 39 (except Saturdays and Sundays), from 9 am to 4 pm. The program will remain the same, with special guest Helena Blagne performing in both performances. Thank you for your understanding!

He was the first in the village. But now he will leave behind a peasant girl who adores him, to conquer a city girl who is ashamed of him. He left his parents and a large farm behind to win world fame. Everything to become great and famous in a big city, in Ljubljana. Be careful, Franček is coming!

The local looser Franček, who is most likely to blame for all the fires that have burnt down most of the village barns, decides to follow his great talent in order to become a great and famous singer. After he sleeps through the heroic war for Slovenia, after taking the village girl, his childhood love Lojzka, he collects his courage and his father’s credit card, and goes to Ljubljana. There he immediately finds a music producer of a dubious reputation, who is ready to open him the door to huge success. For a small fee, of course. He also finds the greatest and the best … Jasmina, the only girl who makes Sava river run in the opposite direction. His bank account easily wins her heart, of course, as long as there’s any money on it.

The music consists of songs of the group Agropop, and it will feature the greatest hits, such as Franček PiromančekJasminaNe verjemiSamo milijon nas še živi and others.

Desa Muck, script

Jure Ivanušič, director

Matevž Česen, choreography

Agropop, Aleš Klinar, music


Tilen Artač, Franček

Ana Maria Mitić, Lojzka

Jernej Čampelj, Father/Producer

Kristina Mišović, Jasmina

Andreja Sonc/Anja Strajnar, Mother

Danaja Koren, Larisa Pukšič, Tanita Rose, Urška Koželj, Darja Drobnič, Žiga Bunič, Klemen Černe, Andrej Orel, Gašper Oblak, Luka Markus Štajer

Saga Bend:

Miha Gorše, keyboards

Tadej Košir, guitars

Matej Tekavčič, bass

Dorian Granda, drums

Creative team:

Vesna Mirtelj, costume designer

Darjan Mihajlović Cerar, scenographer

Peter Gaber, illustrations

Igor Ribič, graphic image of the logo

David Andrej Francky, lightning

Damir Rapić, sound engineer

Tina Muc, the head of the show

Nataša Castaldi, makeup

Dejan Nikolič, photographs

Miha Gorše, music producer

Aleš Klinar, producer

Gorazd Slak, executive producer

Špasteater, co-production

Important information

General Terms and Conditions