Check out the Samo1planet concert in the archives of RTV Slovenija

22. 11. 2021

In the RTV Slovenija archive RTV 4D you can watch for free a video of the Samo1planet concert by the Slovene Youth Orchestra playing with the Katalena ensemble from this year’s 69th Ljubljana Festival.

The Slovene Youth Orchestra is the proud ambassador of the initiative Samo1planet (Only1planet), which is part of the project of a consortium of distinguished Slovene institutions and ministries entitled Care4Climate, which seeks to contribute to saving the planet through awareness-raising and changing our habits. Preserving a green and healthy planet is one more priority for young people, so they are proudly supporting it and using their voice to spread it.

This year’s concert at the Ljubljana Festival was performed as part of this project. The Slovene Youth Orchestra is made up of the most promising musicians aged 12 to 22 years old. Directed by conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh, with arrangements by Matija Krečič and featuring the group Katalena, it helped Slovenia’s musical heritage come to life with a fresh energy.

The group Katalena blur the boundaries between pop and folk and have for a number of years been among Slovenia’s most prominent performers of world music. They draw their inspiration from the tradition of Slovene folk songs, which they show in a new light through fresh approaches that offer something to even the most demanding listener. Their openness, boldness and willingness to improvise are the qualities that have inspired this collaboration with the orchestra, in the year when Katalena celebrate twenty years of activity.