Beata Barcza

Beata Ilona Barcza began her musical career with piano lessons at the Joseph Haydn Music School in Fertőd, Hungary. She continued her studies at the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts of the University of Pécs, graduating in 2012 as a pianist and in 2013 as a piano teacher. She then went on to pursue doctoral studies. She has taken part in numerous competitions and won several first prizes.
She has also participated as a pianist and accompanist at many festivals, international competitions (Europa Cantant Festival, Bovec OrkesterkamP, Svirél) and master classes. She has attended master classes by Dalibor Miklavčič in Ljubljana, Konstantin Bogino, Zoltán Kocsis and many others, and in the summer of 2016 she was an accompanist in a singing master class with Pia Brodnik. In 2015, she received a scholarship to study at the Ljubljana Academy of Music, where she spent a semester in the class of Jasminka Stančul. That same year she also performed with cellist Jaka Stadler and pianist Michael Haas. Other collaborations include working and performing with many Slovenian musicians, including Tibor Kerekeš, Žiga Brank, Rok Zgonc and Matej Grahek. As a pianist, she gives regular recitals at the National Theatre in Pécs together with the outstanding soprano Marianna Váradi.
Beata is also interested in keyboard instruments typical of early music. She undertook three years of harpsichord training in Hungary and also attended a fortepiano master class in Ithaca (USA) at the invitation of Malcolm Bilson. She is currently employed as an accompanist at the Ljubljana Academy of Music.