Legendary actor Radko Polič – Rac has died

16. 09. 2022

The actor Radko Polič – Rac passed away yesterday aged 80. He began his professional career in 1965, and soon became known as one of the most interesting actors of his time. In the course of his career he performed more than 100 theatre, 50 film and 10 radio roles.

Polič performed in Slovenian theatres and in other countries of the former Yugoslavia, including the theatres Glej, E.P.I. Center, SNG Drama Ljubljana and the Slovenian National Theatre. We will all remember him for his roles in films such The Idealist (1976), The Widowhood of Karolina Žašler (1976), Those are Vipers (1977) and The Tenth Brother (1984), to name but a few.

In the course of his long and fruitful career, Polič performed in our Ljubljana Festival on a number of occasions, including in plays directed by Tomaž Pandur – Dictionary of the Khazars (50th Ljubljana Summer Festival; 2002) and Tesla (54th Ljubljana Festival; 2006).

Polič received numerous prizes and awards for his work: he won the Borštnik prize many times (1970, 1979, 1981, 1988, 1991); in 1972 he received the Prešeren Fund Award; in 1979 and 1982 he won the Sterija Prize for acting; in 1987 he was awarded the Golden Laurel Wreath at the MES Sarajevo Festival; in 1991 he won the Župančič Prize; and in 2001 the prize for best performance at the Monodrama Festival in Ptuj. A year later he was awarded the Borštnik ring, Slovenia’s highest award for acting achievements, and in 2007 he received the Prešeren Lifetime Achievement Award.