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Anyone who has ever set foot in Križanke knows there is a special, mysterious energy at work here. The unforgettable beauty of the venue leaves a lasting impression on anyone resting their eyes on this remarkable architectural gem. Whether a visitor of the Ljubljana Festival events or simply a casual passer-by, this is a place where everyone feels at ease.

Now, this beautiful setting of the Križanke venue is available for you to enchant and captivate your guests.

Knight’s Hall (Viteška dvorana), Devil’s Courtyard (Peklensko dvorišče), Križevniška Church (Križevniška cerkev), the Grand Foyer (Preddverje), the Pergola or the Summer Theatre – any and all can serve as the venue for your next event. These settings, still breathing rich stories of the past, blend with the present to create an unforgettable story for you and your guests.

Križanke is therefore a perfect venue for any kind of gathering: performances, exhibitions, fashion shows and concerts, lectures, round tables and seminars, press conferences, product launches and media events, business meetings and receptions, parties, weddings, club parties, sports events and casual get-togethers.

Here you will find the necessary information on venues, general terms and rental rates.


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