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Summer night
A Homage to Tadej Hrušovar

RTV Slovenia Symphony & Big Band Orchestra
Patrik Greblo, conductor

Highlights of 69th Ljubljana Festival
21. June 2021
8.45 pm
Congress Square
49 €, 39 €, 19 €
The alternative date in case of bad weather is 23rd June 2021. The definitive date will be decided on the day of the event and announced online at ljubljanafestival.si.

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Presenter: Bernarda Žarn

Soloists:  Nuša Derenda, Helena Blagne, Alenka Godec, Damjana Golavšek, Simona Vodopivec Franko, Ana Dežman, Saša Lešnjek, Pepel in kri, Eroika, Oto Pestner, Miran Rudan, Bernard Hrušovar, Alex Volasko, Bojan Cvjetićanin, Teja Leskovšek
RTV Slovenia Youth Singing Choir

Special guest: Ditka Haberl 

Poletna noč (M. Sepe / J. Privšek – L. Krajnčan)
Dan ljubezni (T. Hrušovar / M. Sepe)
Enakonočje (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / D. Žgur)
Ljudje pomladi (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh/ J. Privšek)
Ljubljanski grad (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh/ D. Žgur)
Maček v žaklju (J. Privšek / M. Košuta / J. Privšek)
Dekle iz zlate ladjice (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / D. Žgur)
Po bitki so generali vsi (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / L. Krajnčan)
Nekoč bom zbral pogum (T. Hrušovar / B. Jovanovič Vunjak / L. Krajnčan)
Navaden majski dan (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / P. Greblo)
Insieme – Evropa 92 (T. Cotugno / G. Madonini- D. Velkaverh / P. Greblo)
Na vrhu nebotičnika (J. Robežnik / G. Strniša / J. Robežnik)
Zaljubljena (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / J. Gregorc – P. Greblo)
Vsak je sam (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / J. Hace – J. Pucihar)
Brez ljubezni mi živeti ni (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / D. Žgur)
Presenečenja (J. Robežnik / D. Velkaverh / P. Greblo)
V meni živ je smeh (T. Hrušovar / D. Levski / D. Žgur)
Mati Tereza (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / J. Privšek)
Kot nekdo, ki imel me bo rad (N. Kipner / D. Velkaverh / T. Hrušovar – L. Krajnčan)
Kdo (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / J. Privšek – P. Greblo)
Najlepše pesmi (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / B. Doblekar – L. Krajnčan)
Za naju pojejo jutra (T. Hrušovar / M. Doležal – R. Lunaček-Bernard Hrušovar / J.
Golob- L. Krajnčan)
Kam si namenjen, dragi moj (J. Goodison / D. Velkaverh / D. Žgur – P. Greblo)
Pesem za dinar (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / D. Žgur)
Dan ljubezni (T. Hrušovar / D. Velkaverh / D. Žgur
Poletna noč (M. Sepe / E. Budau / M. Sepe)

The traditional gala concert dedicated to the start of summer will this year revolve around the remarkable Slovene musician, composer and singer Tadej Hrušovar. After beginning his career with the popular Celje ensemble The Fellows, he joined the group Bele Vrane (“The White Crows”) in 1966. When they broke up, he formed Pepel in Kri (“Ashes and Blood”) in 1975. That same year, the group represented Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest with a song that became one of the biggest hits in the history of Slovene popular music: Dan ljubezni (A Day of Love). He was the first editor of the television show Pop delavnica (“Pop Workshop”), which sought out new talents and aimed to encourage musical creativity in Slovenia. In his last years he worked as a producer in Radio Slovenia’s music programming department.  Tadej Hrušovar, “Dejvi” to his friends, left behind an extensive musical legacy. He penned more than 400 compositions and his songs have won themselves a permanent place in Slovene musical history. His best known songs include Pesem za dinar (Song for a Dinar), Dekle iz zlate ladjice (The Girl from the Golden Boat), Po bitki so generali vsi (Everyone’s a General After the Battle), Enakonočje (Equinox), Ljudje pomladi (People in Springtime), Ljubljanski grad (Ljubljana Castle), Sonce pomladi (Spring Sunshine) and, of course, Dan ljubezni (A Day of Love). The programme will also include some of the hit songs written by Hrušovar for other artists: the groups Hazard and Pop Design and the singers Ditka Haberl, Helene Blagne, Moni Kovačič and Oto Pestner.
RTV Slovenia held the first Summer Night event in 2006 as a homage to the popular singer Majda Sepe, who had died that year. The original idea for the event came from fellow musician Jure Robežnik. Subsequent editions have marked significant anniversaries of major figures from the world of Slovene popular song – composers, lyricists and singers. The Summer Night gala concert, co-produced by RTV Slovenia and Festival Ljubljana, is now a traditional annual event that revives some of the choicest pearls from the treasury of Slovene popular music.

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