R. Wagner: Das Rheingold

Igor Pison, director

10. July 2018
Cankarjev dom
29, 25, 19, 15 €

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Music drama Das Rheingold is canceled.

R. Wagner: Das Rheingold

Opera and Ballet SNG Maribor

SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra

Richard Wagner, music and libretto
Simon Krečič, Marko Letonja, conductors
Igor Pison, director
Gregor Pompe, dramaturgy
Petra Veber, set design
Sanja Grcić, costume deisgn
Petra Veber, lights
Gaj Žmavc, choreography
Tim Ribič, assistant director

Main cast:
Ernesto Morillo, Wotan
Jaki Jurgec, Donner
Bogdan Stopar, Froh
Martin Sušnik, Loge

Amanda Stojović, Fricka
Sabina Cvilak, Freia
Zlatomira Nikolova, Erda

Jure Počkaj, Alberich
Dušan Toplovec, Mime

Tobias Peschanel, Fasolt
Thomas Stimmel, Fafner

Andreja Zakonjšek Krt, Woglinde
Valentina Čuden, Wellgunde
Jadranka Juras, Flosshilde

Wotan‘s companions
Lucija Krašovec, Melanija Markovič

Tetiana Svetlična, Branka Popovici, Vanja Vitman, Hristina Stojčeva, Yuya Omaki, Aleks Šišernik, Aleksandru Pilca, Mario Diligent

The performance of the final two parts of Wagner’s Ring Cycle (Siegfried and Götterdämmerung) at last year’s 65th Ljubljana Festival brought the story of the great tetralogy to a close for the first time in this country, and was thus an important milestone for musical culture in Slovenia. This year we welcome the Opera and Ballet of the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor to the Ljubljana stage with their production of Das Rheingold, which Wagner conceived as the prologue to his great cycle of music dramas. The work gradually reveals the complex background of the story, consisting of elements of Norse mythology, folk tales and the thirteenth-century saga of the Nibelungen, in which the central human role is that of the hero Siegfried. The first part of the tetralogy tells the story of the origin and theft of a powerful treasure – the Rhine gold – which is guarded by the Rhine maidens. Alberich, the chief of the Nibelungen, forges a magic ring from Rhine gold. This ring becomes a source of great power but at the same time an object that awakens greed in all who behold it, even the all-powerful gods of Valhalla. As a symbol of the desire for riches, power and authority, the ring leads to ruin. The production is directed by Igor Pison, with dramaturgy by Gregor Pompe. The sets are designed by Petra Veber and the costumes are by Sanja Grcić.


Important information

General Terms and Conditions