International Student Symposium

19. April 2024
9.00 am
Academy of Music
Free entrance

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Head of the International Student Symposium: Tjaša Ribizel Popič
Open to the public

9.00-9.10 am
Welcome speeches:
Tjaša Ribizel Popič, head of the International Student Symposium
Karolina Šantl Zupan, vice-dean for scientific and research-artistic activity at the Academy of Music of University of Ljubljana

9.10-10.40 am
Chairman: Tjaša Ribizel Popič
Timotej Kosovinc Zupančič (Vienna): Texture, Instrumentation and Sound Effect: Analysing the Vivace Movement of the Symphony in D (Hoboken I:61)  by Joseph Haydn
Jakob Barbo (Ljubljana): Selecting the Tempo of Mozart‘s Works – Traversing the Minefield of Historical Sources
Urban Stanič (Ljubljana-Vienna): Taking Into Account the Historical Context When Performing and Interpreting W. A. Mozart’s Piano

11.00 am-12.30 pm
Chairman: Timotej Kosovinc Zupančič
Lan Podletnik Ašič, Alex Hren, Aleksandra Naumovski Potisk, Eva Ostanek (Ljubljana): Performances of New Student Compositions with Ensemble Modern
Simon Kravos, Inuaria Flute Quartet (Katarina Kastelec, Lara Oblak, Nuša Dolinšek, Alja Boštjančič) (Ljubljana): The Birth of a Composition
Maj Brinovec (Ljubljana): Composer and Performer: The Irreconcilable Polarity of Contemporary Concert Activities

2.00-3.30 pm
Chairman: Jakob Barbo
Pavle Krstić (Salzburg): A Performer’s Analysis of Rhythm in the Music of Chopin: A Scientific Approach to the Artistic Process
Cornelia Picej (Graz):
Adding Another Layer to the Already Established Formal Aspects of the Seventh Sonata of the Alexander Scriabin (1872–1915)
Tin Cugelj (Bern): Beyond Amateurism: A Multisensory Approach to Historical Performance Practice

3.50-5.20 pm
Chairman: Tjaša Ribizel Popič
Naja Mohorič (Ljubljana):The Importance of Harmonic Structure Analysis of the Published Compositions for Solo Harp by Ivo Petrić and Alojz Srebotnjak in Connection with Personal Interpretative Experiences in the Context of Classification for Pedagogical Use
Marija Podnar (Vienna):
Asymmetric Playing Postures of Instrumentalists: Health Issues, Prevention and Physiotherapy

Important information

General Terms and Conditions

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