Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica

29. June - 2. July 2018
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Note: This information pertains to a past event. For the most up-to-date information, please check our calendar.

Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica

For the third year in a row the Ljubljana Festival will also take place on the Ljubljanica, the river of seven names. Join us on a musical voyage in the intimate setting of pleasure boats on the river and see the city from a unique perspective. Musical performances will be provided by students from Ljubljana’s Academy of Music and Conservatory of Music and Ballet, appearing in a variety of chamber ensembles.

Concerts aboard the boats are free of charge. For the duration of the Festival, the cost of a one-hour boat trip will be the same for all boats: 8 € for adults and 4 € for children 29. 6.–2. 7. 2018 (ages 3–12)

Friday, 29 June 2018
12.00–14.00, Barjanka (Dvorni trg)

Opening of the Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica

Saxophone Octet
(B. Rojc, M. Zupančič, M. Petek, R. Potrbin, J. Bregar, T. Kramar, T. Pance, T. Kuharič)

16.00–18.00, Mala Zala (Gallus Embankment)
Žiga Vehovec, accordion

18.00–20.00, Ljubljana 1 (Ribji trg)
Guitar Duo Afrodita
(A. Gorjanc, T. Majcen)

20.00–22.00, Lana Šulc (Gallus Embankment)
Accordion and Cello Duo
(G. Golob, N. Poljanec)


Saturday, 30 June 2018
14.00–16.00, Barjanka (Dvorni trg)
Accordion and Cello Duo
(G. Golob, N. Poljanec)

16.00–18.00, Ljubljanski Zmaj (Butchers’ Bridge)
Natko Štiglic, guitar

18.00–20.00, Mala Zala ( Gallus Embankment)
String Quartet
(E. Kocjančič, M. Bartol, D. Lončar, L. Ferlani)

20.00–22.00, Ljubljana 1 (Ribji trg)
Accordion Quintet
(Ž. Svetlin, Ž. Vehovec, M. Ahčin, N. Poljanec, F. Kozmus)


Sunday, 1 July 2018
14.00–16.00, Lana Šulc (Gallus Embankment)
Duo Claro – guitar and clarinet
(U. Kočar, M. Vrbnjak)

16.00–18.00, Barjanka (Dvorni trg)
Daniel Šimek, accordion

18.00–20.00, Ljubljanski Zmaj (Butchers’ Bridge)
Guitar Duo
(V. Terzer, K. Jaksa)


Monday, 2 July 2018
14.00–16.00, Ljubljana 1 (Ribji trg)
Daniel Šimek, accordion

16.00–18.00, Lana Šulc (Gallus Embankment)
Clarinet Quintet
(M. Koželj, M. Seražin, K. Krš, L. Kastelic)

18.00–20.00, Barjanka (Dvorni trg)
Recorder and Accordion Trio
(A. Krušec, U. Klančar, F. Kozmus)

20.00–22.00, Ljubljanski Zmaj (Butchers’ Bridge)
Violin and Flute Duo
(K. Zupan, A. Votoupal)

Important information

General Terms and Conditions