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Christmas with the Slovene Octet

Jubilee 70 years of the Slovene Octet and Ljubljana Festival

21. December 2022
7.30 pm
St. James' Church, Ljubljana
19 €

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We would like to inform all visitors that the concert of the Slovene Octet, which will take place on 21 December at 7.30 pm, has been moved to St. James’ Church. Ticket exchange is not necessary.
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Slovene Octet:
Jože Vidic, artistic director

Andrej Oder, Rok Ferenčak, first tenor
David Jagodic, Janez Triler, second tenor
Jože Vidic, Darko Vidic, baritone
Janko Volčanšek, Matej Voje, bass

Urška Vidic, organ

L. Belar, M. Tomc, lyrics A. Praprotnik: Glej, zvezdice božje
A. Vavken, J. Močnik, lyrics R. Silvester: Z višav nebeških sem poslan
G. Rihar, lyrics B. Potočnik: Poglejte, čudo se godi
A. Vavken, J. Močnik, lyrics A. Praprotnik: Zveličar preljubi je prišel nocoj
A. Vavken, J. Močnik, lyrics A. Namre: Zveličar dans se je rodil
V. Štolcer, M. Tomc, lyrics J. Levičnik: Rajske strune, zadonite
A. Vavken, lyrics J. Bedenek: Slava Bogu
M. Tomc, slovene folk song: Kaj se vam zdi, pastirci vi
A. Vavken, J. Močnik, lyrics F. Krek: Pastirci, kam hitite
I. Zupan, M. Tomc, lyrics Venec 631: Božji nam je rojen sin
H. Sattner, lyrics E. Kremžar: Noč božična
F. Ačko, K. Pustinek Rakar: Počivaj milo detece
M. Tomc, K. Pustinek Rakar, lyrics G. Mali: Zvezde gorijo
L. Cvek, M. Tomc, lyrics R. Silvester: Raduj, človek moj
G. Rihar, J. Vidic, lyrics B. Potočnik: Prisvetil je veseli dan
G. Rihar, M. Tomc, lyrics B. Potočnik: Zveličar nam je rojen zdaj
F. X. Gruber, J. Vidic, lyrics J. Mohr, J. Aljaž: Sveta noč

The new line-up of the Slovene Octet, in effect since spring 2019, preserves the reputation and mission of past generations. In the course of its long and rich history over 40 different singers have made up the octet, while its excellence has been maintained and guided by five artistic directors: Janez Bole, Valens Vodušek, Darijan Božič, Anton Nanut and Mirko Cuderman. Since 2008 its artistic director has been Jože Vidic, the leading performer of the National Opera & Ballet Theatre. The Slovene Octet has always been an example and source of motivation for many similar vocal ensembles, in Slovenia and among Slovenian communities in neighbouring countries, which were inspired to form by its sublime singing. It performs an extremely broad and diverse choral repertoire and many works were written or adapted especially for it. It focuses particularly on Slovenian songs, both folk and composed songs with known authors. The Slovene Octet’s repertoire includes a wide number of religious songs, alongside the folk, national and patriotic songs. For this programme they have chosen seventeen works that represent the tradition of Slovenian Christmas carols. Many Slovenian composers have tried to express the beauty of Christmas through music, and some of these songs could be heard on the Slovene Octet’s first Christmas record. The songs will conjure up the sounds of Christmas feelings, awakening in us gentleness and childhood memories, the joy of Christmas Eve, angelic singing, the joy of the Child’s birth and new life.

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