We would like to inform all visitors that the 4th concert of the Tartini String Quartet, scheduled for Tuesday, 31 January, has been postponed to 21 February due to illness. The location and the time of beginning of the concert remain unchanged.
Exchange of tickets is required, more information can be found here.

We would also like to inform all ticket holders for the canceled September performances of the play Penelopiad that new dates for performances in February are known. You can find more information here.


4. August 2022
8.00 pm
Križevniška Church
19 €

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  • Music from the past that resounds in the present
  • The echo of music by J.S. Bach and his contemporaries
  • The famous German trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich is also a virtuoso on the Baroque trumpet
  • The charismatic violinist and conductor Dmitry Sitkovetsky

Reinhold Friedrich, piccolo trumpet
Benjamin Ziervogel, violin
Janez Podlesek, violin
Boris Bizjak, flute
Sorin Crudu, oboe
Franci Kosem, trumpet
Tomaž Sevšek, harpsichord

DMITRY SITKOVETSKY, violin and conductor

Ensemble Dissonance

D. Brubeck, arr. H. Brubeck: Brandenburg Gate
G. Ph. Telemann: Trumpet Concerto in D major, TWV 51:D7
G. Kancheli: Twilight for two violins, synthesizer and strings
A. Vivaldi: »Sovente il sole« from Andromeda Liberated for violin, trumpet and strings
S. Barber: Capricorn Concerto for flute, oboe, trumpet and strings
J. S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No.2 for oboe, flute, trumpet, violin and strings

Ensemble Dissonance, which brings together musicians from the Dissonance string quartet, the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, will transport listeners to Brandenburg, the German federal state that has a special place in European history and art, with music that serves as a document of a time and space. In 1721, in the hope of acquiring a new position, Johann Sebastian Bach dedicated six Brandenburg Concertos to the margrave. Employing similar instrumentation and concerto grosso form to Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, the American composer Samuel Barber wrote his Capricorn Concerto while serving in the army in 1943. The subtle counterpoint that emanates from the Brandenburg Gate through jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, connects modernity with the past, as do, in a unique way, the works of the Georgian composer Giya Kancheli and the Baroque composers Vivaldi and Telemann. In the Concerto for piccolo trumpet and strings, the soloist will be the famous German trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich, who is also a virtuoso on the Baroque trumpet. The performances will be conducted by the charismatic violinist Dmitry Sitkovetsky, a regular guest of Ljubljana Festival, who operates independently as a violinist, conductor and artistic director.

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