17. August 2016
Cankarjev dom
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After the novel by Ivan Tavčar


Composer: Matjaž Vlašič

Orchestration: Anže Rozman

Libretto: Janez Usenik

Director: Vojko Anzeljc

Choreography: Miha Krušič

Executive producer: Gorazd Slak

Producer: Miša Stanko

I was shaken by a love that was like a storm, like a tempest! It was late in coming, yet come it did, just as fruit trees sometimes blossom in late autumn. But like the autumn blossom, it bore no fruit.” With these words Ivan Tavčar’s protagonist Janez, a wealthy lawyer from the city, begins the tale of the love of his life – Meta, a young peasant girl. Janez plans to leave the city and move to a farm, where he and Meta will crown their love with marriage, but this dream is shattered by Meta’s sudden death. The script closely follows Tavčar’s original work while at the same time offering a number of connections to present reality. This musical has been delighting audiences throughout Slovenia since its premiere in 2014, with frequent standing ovations for cast and crew.

Title roles: Matjaž Robavs/Domen Križaj, Nina Pušlar, Jure Ivanušič, Alenka Kozolc Gregurić

Musical is in Slovenian with English subtitles.


April snowfall damaged the canvas roof of the Križanke summer theatre. Events will continue to be held there, but the seating in the venue will remain temporarily exposed to the elements.



Important information

General Terms and Conditions