Katalin Péter

Katalin Péter was born in Kanjiža in Vojvodina. She decided to take up music at a young age and started learning the piano and guitar. She completed piano studies at the Secondary School in Subotica under Marija Sekelj, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1993, and two years later obtained her Master’s degree under Arbo Valdma at the Academy of Music in Novi Sad. During her student years, she won the first prize in both federal and republican competitions for young musicians in the former Yugoslavia on several occasions. As a soloist she has performed with the Vojvodina Youth Orchestra, the Novi Sad Chamber Orchestra, and the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra. Katalin has given concerts in all the major cultural centres of the former Yugoslavia (Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Ljubljana), as well as in other countries. She has recorded for RTV Novi Sad, RTV Belgrade, and RTV Slovenija, and now works as an accompanist and piano teacher at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet. Katalin has appeared several times as an interpreter of contemporary Slovenian music at the DSS Night of Slovenian Composers. She is also an artistic collaborator of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and has been a featured pianist at various music seminars and international competitions.