Devil’s Courtyard

The DEVIL’S COURTYARD is the most picturesque venue in the Križanke complex. A grid of lights built into its walls creates the illusion of a starry sky.

Type of event: smaller concerts, smaller theatrical productions, receptions, press conferences, business meetings, parties, weddings.

  • Number of seats: 100
  • Standing room capacity: 150
  • Total area: 143 m2 (11 x 13 m)

For his renovation of the monastery complex, architect Jože Plečnik employed a Renaissance decorative technique known as sgraffito and adorned the walls with bas-relief figures inspired by medieval Bohemian art. These elements are particularly visible in the Grand Foyer, where Plečnik envisioned an outdoor theatre. The idyllic Pergola by the monastery wall is supported by columns from the former Fürstenhof or Prince’s Palace and incorporates various historical sculptures and doorways.

Type of event: symphonic and chamber concerts, plays, concerts by smaller rock/jazz bands, large receptions, fashion shows, press conferences, business meetings, parties, club nights, weddings, etc.

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Tailored to your need

The premises can be fully equipped with audiovisual equipment and facilities, flexible lighting, wireless internet access and, upon request, with a stage, piano, conference tables, various seating/ table arrangements or any other equipment you may require. Also available is a changing room, a foyer for registration (if required), and a space in an enclosed outdoor courtyard for smokers.


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