Grand Foyer with Pergola

In his renovation of the monastery complex Plečnik employed a drawing technique typical of the Renaissance, adorning the walls with bas-relief figurines that originate from Czech medieval art. All of these special elements of his renovation are most distinctive in the Grand Foyer, where Plečnik had envisioned an open-air theatre. The idyllic pergola along the monastery wall is supported by columns from the Ducal Court, with the walls showcasing various historical sculptures and portals.

Purpose: symphony and chamber concerts, theatre performances, small rock or jazz concerts, larger receptions, fashion shows, press conferences, business meetings, parties, club parties, weddings …

Grand Foyer

  • Number of seats: 600
  • Standing room capacity: 800–1000 (depending on the size of the stage)
  • Total area: 693 m2 (33 x 21 m), with Pergola 893 m2


  • Total area: 200 m2

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