We would like to inform you that the new dates for the play Birds of a Kind are not yet known. Ticket holders are kindly requested to send an e-mail to blagajna@ljubljanafestival.si for a refund. If you bought your tickets at the Križanke Box Office, you can also go to the box office every weekday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm with the original tickets.
Thank you for your understanding.

33rd Slovenian Music Days

Slavko Osterc: From the Comic Opera, Quatre pièces symphoniques, 17. 4. 2018

Closing of the 33rd Slovenian Music Days, 19. 4. 2018

Tomaž Svete: Antigone, 18. 4. 2018

Closing event of the Arts Festivals Summit nad Isaac Posch and contemporaries, 13. 4. 2018

International musicological symposium, 16. 4. 2018

EFFE MeetUp: The [Herit]AGE of the ARTS and Opening of the 33rd Slovene Music Days, 12. 4. 2018